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Ladies Of Hip Hop From 1979 To 2000: Female Emcee 101

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(track list below)
Here's my mix of some of the most important ladies in hip from the birth of the genre through to the end of 1999. The process for finding them wasn't as academic as it should have been. I gathered a big list of every femcee I could find and did research on all of them. Then I started to cut ones out that I couldn't find decent verses for. There were a lot that simply didn't have any music I wanted to share... people like Tany Sole and Amil. Just, no. And there are ones that i forgot that i really should have put in (thanks for all of your comments with suggestions, this has to be one of the best lists of quality female emcees from the era) - Paulett & Tanya 'sweet tee' Winley, Mercedes Ladies, Missy Dee, Michie Mee (damn she was good), Sha'Key, Simple E, Hurricane G, Frick n Frack, Oaktown 357 (even if it was MC Hammer's thing), Ice Cream Tee, Lin Que, Queen Mother Rage/ Isis... there's more (just see the comments) but i wasn't so worried about them. Again, thanks for your comments. Apart from the couple of douches.

I tried to find the oldest track that I was feeling. Of course, there were always older tracks to be found, but I wanted to capture the point where they broke through in industry terms or just into public consciousness, and I wanted video where possible. For example, Missy Elliot was doing stuff at least 6 years before I had her listed, but the track is from Supa Dupa, when she really broke. I didn't always get it right, but I'm happy with the verses as it stands.

The compilation goes from the earliest to the most recent. There are other technicalities to consider: I had poets form the 70's that rhymed over music and it feels like rapping (people like Sarah Webster Fabio and Nikki Giovanni) but I wanted to keep it hip hop. I'm British, so you will see a few more English acts than Americans may expect.

I've started on part 2, or the 102. Boy that's tricky and will start a few arguments. And if you really want conflict, wait until the 'best female verses'.
Anyways, the track listing is below -- hope that you enjoy it. Comment with your opinions and perhaps I'll do a new edit. In fact that's a lie, I won't, but at least we can get a better list.
1. Intro piece with Lisa Lee, Debbie Dee and Sha Rock in the room (from Beatstreet in 1984)
2. Sha Rock -- on WHBI 105.9FM with Jazzy Jay
3. Lady B -- To the Beat Y'all
4. The Real Roxanne -- Roxanne on a Roll
5. Roxanne Shante -- Roxanne's Revenge
6. Sparky D -- 39's Turn (not sure this is right)
7. Salt n Pepa -- Push it
8. Antoinette -- Who's The Boss
9. JJ Fad- Supersonic
10. She Rockers -- Jam it Jam
11. MC Lyte -- Light as a Rock
12. Queen Latia -- U.N.I.T.Y.
13. Monie Love -- Monie in the Middle
14. Cookie Crew -- Born This Way
15. Nikki D -- Letting of Steam
16. Neneh Cherry -- Buffalo Stance
17. MC Luscious -- Boom I Got Your Boyfriend
18. Yo-Yo -- You Can't play with my Yoyo
19. Dimples D -- Sucker DJs
20. Sister Souljah - The Hate that Hate Produced
21. Donnel Jones (+Lisa Left Eye Lopez) -- You Know What's Up
22. Suga T -- Woman
23. Mia X -- True Bout It
24. Digable Planets (Ladybug Mecca) -- 9th Wonder
25. Fugees (Lauren Hill) -- Vocab
26. Boss -- Recipe of a Hoe
27. Da Brat -- Funkdafied
28. Bahamadia -- 3 The Hard Way
29. Heather B -- All Glocks Down
30. Junior Mafia (Lil Kim) -- Get Money
31. Charlie Baltimore -- Money
32. The Herbaliser (+ Jean Grae AKA What What, as she was then) -- The Blend
33. Nonchalent -- 5 0'Clock
34. Blackstreet (Queen Pen) -- No Diggity
35. Jay Z & Foxy Brown -- Ain't No Nigga
36. Missy Elliot -- The Rain
37. Ruff Ryders (+ Eve) -- What You Want
38. Lady of Rage -- Afro Puffs
39. Ra Digga -- Tight
40. Trick Daddy (+ Trina) Nann
41. Kristi Krisis SSC#66 beat on the Outro

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