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Black Dot - The DNA Bloodlines Of Hip-Hop: Culture, History & Spiritual Roots Pt. 1 (Full Video)

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openupyourmind101 - PART 1 the spiritual foundation and true essence of hip-hop, explains true defintion of death and if "hip hop is dead", the hip-hop language and its influence. The Power of Music & how it transforms the human mind & soul. The birth of hip hop music culture and history. Breakdown of who owns and controls the corporate, financial & artistic aspects of rap and popular music, (record labels and radio stations.) Explains how the media potrays a negative and racially stereotypical image of black people, men and women. The social conditions of black communities faced by injustice and poverty. The Deejay, B-Boy, Graffiti, Emcee, elements of Hip-Hop. Higher infinite power healing our people.

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